Working in Dubai-Where to start!

February 01, 2022


Dubai is a city of dreams, milions of people are looking forward to get a job in this amazing city however they dont know how to start or wher to start, in this blog we will share with you few tips to help you in you steps.

these are the major headlines :

  • The best way to find jobs in Dubai is to apply before even traveling to the emirates.
  • Update your CV, and search for job thru
  • if you find an opportunity look at companies in your city who are in Dubai  and contact their HR department directly to find out if you can apply directly thru them or request for a contact in Dubai (email, Telephone or person in charge of recruitmenet)
  • Look on Linkedin and contact the recruiter or any member woking in the same company who might help you
  • Follow up any application made with phone calls to ensure your application has been received, and by the right person.

Please note:

Due to high demand it is not easy to get a job if you are not in Dubai therefore if you did not get replies this doesnt mean you are not a good profile ! so we advise you to go to Dubai and apply from there.

Don’t ever pay a recruitment company to find you a job.

Tips on job hunting in Dubai

Once you reach Dubai and you enjoy the first days ,start to do some research about best companies to apply

A one size fits all CV won’t work, make sure you have a specific CV for specific profession.

It takes time and effort to secure a well-paying job in Dubai and you might find it harder than many people think.

Here is what you need to keep in mind while you are looking for your dream job in Dubai:

1. The job market in Dubai is so crowded

You are not an exception in your pursuit of a professional career in Dubai. Thousands of professionals are trying to get a job . As a result, there is an oversupply of candidates in some industries. Many of the candidates are prepared to accept lower salaries to win the bid for the job.

The competition is especially high  especially for those working in Education, Finance, Bank or sales. We think it can be  easier for those who have skills in  Costumer service, call center or even Hotels

2. Make yourself stand out

  • Make it easy for your the employer to choose you over other candidates. Make sure you advertise your skills and experience that differentiate you from other applicants.
  • Your chances of getting a job will be big  if you speak multiple languages, or if you have worked for big multi-national companies.

3. Your CV is important

Your CV should be perfect: nice image,no spelling or grammar errors or irrelevant information. It should be professional, correct and to the point.

Look for online resources to help you craft a good CV and cover letter. Also you can ask some  professional person to help you prepare it.

4. One step at a time

Many Dubai employers will prefer somebody with job experience in the Middle East (especially in Dubai) over a candidate who has never worked in Dubai. Or they will offer such candidates a lower salary.

Its ok to Accept a lower salary for your first job in Dubai . as its  the first step in your career . It will help you to get a better job  in future.

5. Use job portals

Always check the latest jobs posted by you never know you might find your dream job.

6. Update your LinkedIn profile well?

Be active on Linkedin. Check the recruitment pages of Dubai companies. Approach the right people in the right way. If you send a Linkedin request it has more chance to get accepted when you send it with a personal note. You can mention your skills, visa status, etc. in the note.