The most requested Jobs in Dubai

February 01, 2022

Dubai is a city that offers plenty of job opportunities and guarantee excellent career growth prospects, a luxurious and profitable lifestyle, and tax-free salaries.

This safe city embraces expats of different nationalities and cultures. Therefore, it is no wonder that Dubai is attracting expats from all over the world.

Here we have the top 10 highest paying jobs in Dubai in 2020 to search for so that you can afford to live and settle in this city:

Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals are now the “first line of defense heroes” in every country, especially after the Corona pandemic. A doctor in the Dubai can earn a great salary. Some specialties such as cardiologists, dentists, and neurologists get higher salaries,  But to get a job in the UAE in one of these specialties, you need to pass the DHA exam 

Surgeons, in particular, earn very high salaries because their professions require extensive experience and many years of learning.

Civil Engineering

Dubai is home to luxurious Towels and architictures , futuristic buildings and spacious shopping malls that you can see from space.

These types of uniquely designed buildings need unique talents in civil engineering. Civil engineers are responsible for planning the city’s infrastructure keeping safety factors in mind. So, to get civil engineering jobs in UAE, you must be highly qualified and have enough years of experience.


Dubai has been chosen as the technology leader in the region, so having a job in the IT field will be very beneficial. Technology has developed at an amazing speed and will continue to be an important factor in the progress of the world. With this in mind, the demand for  IT professionals is increasing in the Dubai as the city want to be number 1 paperless government. They are responsible for maintaining the organization’s technical operations through the design, development, and installation of hardware and software. If you excel in this field, you can get a good career and salaries


Marketing professionals oversee the organization’s marketing activities and work on brand development.

since the competition is high most of companies needs marketing team to advertise and make a good image of their company to sale their products

It is the most in-demand and highest-paid job in the UAE. The minimum qualifications required to work in marketing is a bachelor’s degree in media, advertising, or equivalent, and experience in business administration.


Dubai is known by te Biggest shopping malls  in the world therefore all world wide brands are present to sale their products ,which make it easy for smart people who can also speak different languages to find well paid job in sales and deal with multinational tourists

Buying and selling is an essential part of everyone’s life nowadays thanks to the latest digital technologies and online shopping trends. So companies, in any field, need sales professionals to promote and sell their services and products.

Getting a job in sales doesn’t require a lot of training or qualifications. A bachelor’s degree and between one and two years of experience are enough to start your career in sales

Rela Estate

As a preferred destination to live and work worldwide, the real estate sector in the Dubai is booming. Real estate sellers and consultants are among the most sought-after professionals in the Dubai.

All you need is a thorough understanding of the real estate industry,you will need to pass RERA exam exceptional communication and persuasion skills with experience from working in the real estate field. If you love this profession, then a promising future awaits you.


One of the best sector in Dubai and the easiest to get a  job in, Hotelier are needed all time and every company is hiring all time due to high demand and number of tourists arriving to Dubai