Effective Ways To Make Great CV

February 01, 2022


If you are sending many  CVs and not hearing anything back, it may be the time to give your CV more importance!

There are many of CV mistakes that people are making, which don’t seem like a big deal for them, but it can lead to loosing your chances of getting the job.

Here are just a few of the most common CV mistakes ;

Having spelling errors and bad grammar

“Spelling mistakes are still so common but these mistakes shows that you are either careless or you are weak in English ,the best thing to do is print it out and read it before sending . You  will always find  something to be corrected once printed.

Exaggerating the truth

Writing that you’re an expert in some skills  might seem like a great idea at the time, but when you get the job and are asked to perform a  you will  regret your decision. I remember when I wrote that Im good in Spanish and in the interview I had someone who was Spanish ! so you can imagine .

Poor formatting

Poor formatting is one of the first things employers notice when looking at your CV. It can reflect badly on you, as it looks like you don’t pay close attention to detail.

“Your CV is you on paper, so make sure  is close to perfect as possible. This means no typos or jarring font changes halfway.

An unoriginal personal profile

If your personal profile is full of clich├ęs, you’re going to look like someone who doesn’t have original ideas.

So dont write much sentenses like: ‘I’m a hard-working, driven individual, who works well independently and as part of a team.’

Not focusing on your achievements

When writing CVs some people focus on their duties rather than your achievements, the focus should be on what you have gained from the old employment and what you can bring to a new company.”

Making your CV too long

How long they think the ideal CV should be?

“Ideally, no longer than one page,” If that’s not possible, make it 2 pages ,when it comes to CVs “no one  wants to read a book,

 Putting the wrong contact information

Making mistakes about your contact details is a common mistake that can be detrimental to your job search.

So make sure to check your email, Telephone Number, Address and Name well.

Not tailoring your CV to the specific role

Rather than a generic CV,tailor your CV to the job you are looking for and not making many jobs and applying to all vacancies

Including references

We do not advise to include references unless explicitly asked, as these are “usually requested further down the recruitment process.”