Cargo Customer Service Officer


Job Purpose
Job Description · Build and maintain a harmonious relationship with customers by understanding their existing and future requirements and expectations from a service, logistics and operations point of view and provide solutions to ensure customer loyalty and enthusiasm. · Guide and assist customers to open FAM/CASS/Non-CASS accounts in SkyChain. Liaise with Sales/Legal/Finance/IT team to obtain approvals and process documents as per IATA and Skycargo requirements. · Liaise with sales team, finance and risk management to ensure that all KYC’s are correctly evaluated and approved. · Monitor/Manage all securities/Bank guarantees are collected as per customers sales level and in line with EK/IATA IATA policy. In case of high sales or lower security follow up with customers to increase security with skycargo. · Ensure all Cass/Non-Cass payments are done on time. In case of payment failure, follow up with customer to retrieve the payment. · Liaise with Accounts/Finance/Revenue department of Customs/IATA/Agents/Government departments to ensure all financial transaction are processed without any discrepancies. · Review of all Cash/Credit Air waybills and ensure that Freight and Other charges are rated/billed correctly in SkyChain. Monitor all Import/Export negative invoices to ensure no charges are deleted without approval. In case of discrepancy, liaise with customer, finance, SkyCargo customer service team to retrieve the under collected amount. · Make and implement Data transmission processes in line with IATA regulation, EK origin and destination Customs policies and requirements. Ensure processes are followed by customers and staffs. · Identify the revenue leakage due to system limitations, propose system enhancement to eliminate leakage, liaise with system and IT team to develop, test and implement an in-house solution · Ensure correct application of policies, procedures, tariffs and regulations to optimize the profitability and productivity of Emirates Sky Cargo. · Provide guidance to IT, HQ, Customers and Skycargo Customer service for matters related to Cargo Tariff/Rates, Import and Export laws, rules, regulations and procedures, IATA and airline requirements in order to ensure correct rates are applied, regulatory and safety requirements are met. · Co-ordinate and communicate with external and internal customers, suppliers, together with regulatory authorities to deliver professional services and products which are in conformity with policies, procedures and regulations and achieve service excellence. Monitor and progress the entry of shipment related data into the Sky chain Automated System to ensure that entries are complete, accurate and timely to facilitate tracking and on time delivery for customers and the maintenance of a current data base for marketing management information purposes. · Liaise with Accounts Department to get the monthly import CC shipments details. Update the collection details and bill the pending collection to CASS customers. In case of Cash under collection liaise with origin and consignee to make the payment at the earliest.
Qualifications & Experience
Experience Logistics/Cargo.Air Cargo : 5+ Years 12 Years schooling or equivalent : Experience in airfreight and cargo handling with at least 3 years in a supervisory position with experience of leading a team Knowledge/skills: Knowledge of cargo tariffs, IATA regulations, SkyCargo systems, policies and procedures, import and export rules and regulations. Trained in advanced cargo acceptance handling, advanced cargo tariff, dangerous goods acceptance, special load handling. Effective communication skills (written and oral). Excellent IT skills. A demonstrated ability to motivate people. Leadership Role: Yes Safety Sensitive Role: No
Salary & Benefits
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