Heavy Duty Driver

December 11, 2020



Brief Description

Job Purpose

Loading, driving and delivering product to the customer through Company tank trucks in a safe and efficient manner; ensuring integrity of high quality and quantity.

Detailed Description


Responsible for loading and decanting of the tank trucks in accordance to Work Instructions;

  •  Prior to shifting the tank truck into the gantry for loading, carries out checks such as the engine oil level coolant, condition of the tyres and reports accident damage, if any.
  • Once in the gantry positions the tank truck in the appropriate bay, aligned to the appropriate loading arms, switches off the engine and the batter
  • Connects the grounding and the scully probe.
  • Checks the Loading Instruction and the D/A to ensure that the D/A is pertaining to the same truck and tanker
  •  Tags the compartments with the appropriate coloured tags pertaining to the product / products to be loaded and drains the compartment empty in accordance with the EHS policies establish
  •  Inserts the Delivery Advise into specific product meters.
  • Connects the appropriate loading arms and loads in accordance with the Loading Instructions.
  • After loading is completed, fills up the D/A with the quantity loaded, Tank No. Product temperature and all other required details.
  • Seals the tanker compartment outlet valves with numbered seals and notes the seal nos. on the Delivery Advise.
  • On reaching the Site, ensures that there is enough ullage in the Site / Customers tank before commencing product decanting.
  • After completion of product at the Site, ensures that all documentation is in proper order and hands it over to the Field Supervisor on reaching the terminal.

2.Safe driving to and from destination consistent with speed limits and standard trip timings for each destination.

3.Verifies the site tank ullage by gauging the tanks in coordination with the CSA prior to and after decanting the fuel into the tank to ensure complete delivery and prevent any product returns.

4. Discharge of product at destination including special procedures for

5. unattended deliveries.

6. Completion of documentation which include delivery advice note at the Terminal acknowledgement at destination, if applicable.

7. Reporting to Field Supervisor for further instruction on return to Terminal.


  • Ensure that all the activities in the terminal are performed as per EPPCO’s Operating and Safety Procedures, EHS policies and guidelines.
  • Maintain high level of Emergency preparedness.
  • Responsible for informing on Road accidents and incidents.
  • Response to EPPCO Emergency Response Plan and Fire Fighting.
  • Minimum Requirements


  • a)    Working knowledge of English
  • b)    Valid UAE driving license for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • c)     Knowledge of EPPCO Work Instruction/Procedures for loading of tank trucks
  • d)    Knowledge of location of Retail/Consumer Outlets
  • e)     Detailed knowledge of Truck/Trailer components
  • f)      Awareness of the Company’s EHS and EMS policies